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Inside the New Gun Compromise

Jun 20, 2022

Our staff in D.C. just analyzed the supposed “compromise” where 10 Republican U.S. senators* agreed to a compromise gun restriction bill. The good news is that one of the senators late last week said he was done with negotiations and returned to his home district in Texas, while, unfortunately, another Republican joined. But this coalition appears to be cracking. We need to get just one more Republican to back out of it.

This “compromise” financially rewards states that have Red Flag laws. However, these laws open a Pandora’s box of constitutional concerns against law-abiding Americans. And Red Flag laws—where enacted—have miserably failed to prevent crime.

We have a short time to block the troubling aspects of this bill. I am seeing some cracks in the team of 60 senators needed to overcome a filibuster vote. We only need to peel off one or two of them to stop or change this bad legislation. We are very close. Send an urgent message today to Congress to block these disarmament bills. —Mat

So-called Red Flag laws give government the ability to pull guns away from ANYONE. This is dangerous. I understand the legitimate concerns with mentally unstable or violent people who should not have guns. However, who makes the decision, on what basis and what protections are available to the person to safeguard their constitutional rights is the big question.

Some Red Flag laws require only a “reasonable cause,” which is an even lower standard than “probable cause.” The standard is usually vague. In most cases, the person whose weapon was seized can only present a defense at a final hearing. Most do not provide the appointment of counsel, leaving the person to pay an up-front retainer of 5,000 to 10,000 dollars.

Now Sen. Schumer wants this same very low standard to apply nationwide to our government seizing guns, without any (or with minimal) due process, no speedy trial, no public defender and without any of the process laid out as to how the guns will be returned.

... It’s almost as if they don’t plan to return the guns at all. These and other concerns have caused Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to walk away from negotiations. His vote, along with those of nine other Republicans, is necessary to overcome the 60-vote filibuster rule. But it now appears that Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) may support the compromise. The vote will be close. That is why they must hear from you.

Fax members of Congress to stand against political manipulation and protect our constitutional rights.

Red Flag laws have been tried and do not work. We know they don’t work thanks to California and several other states that participated in a study that looked at a total of 36 combined years of crime statistics. The College of William & Mary came to the following shocking conclusion:

Red flag laws had no significant effect on murder, suicide, the number of people killed in mass public shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, or burglary. There is some evidence that rape rates rise. These laws apparently do not save lives.

We have dozens of years of statistics that show Red Flag laws won’t make ANY positive difference in crime. At the same time, these laws appear to inadvertently target and harm women.

Some politicians use tragedy to trumpet their pet agendas. Bad facts generally make bad laws. We need real solutions. This bill is more a problem than a solution.

Tell Congress in no uncertain terms to leave our constitutional freedoms ALONE.

Red Flag laws are often abused by people with wrong motives. If such a law were to be passed, it must adhere to ALL our constitutional protections. As already noted, they don’t work anyway. And there are usually other laws in place that can be used to protect citizens.

It is urgent to fill the offices of Congress with opposition to the bill as it currently stands. Send faxes today to Congress to stop outrageous attacks on our Second Amendment now.

Of one thing I am certain: Once constitutional rights are chipped away, they are very difficult to regain.

I have never seen a cash “buyback” program for freedom. People like Sen. Schumer have little concern for the Constitution. This is the reason LCA is working so hard to stop these bills right now, before it is too late.

Maintaining our presence in D.C. is costly, but the cost of not being here is too high a price. Our freedom is priceless. We invite you to partner with us.

I invite you to become a monthly supporter. Or you can give a one-time donation right now!

From the front lines,

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign a petition against any bills that will take away your rights and deny you the opportunity to protect yourself.


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*The 10 Republican senators who initially agreed to a compromise are: Mitt Romney (UT), Susan Collins (ME), Thom Tillis (NC), Bill Cassidy (LA), Roy Blunt (MO), Richard Burr (NC), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), John Cornyn (TX) and Lindsey Graham (SC). However, Cornyn is not pushing back on the red flag discussion.