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It Could Get Much Worse

Jun 16, 2022

Instead of runaway mayors and governors locking you in your home, Joe Biden now wants to expand this authority and place it in the hands of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), which has immunity from any lawsuit and a shocking track record!

Right now, WHO is meeting behind closed doors to strategize how to push forward. If successful, WHO will have unilateral authority to declare a pandemic—even over the objections of a nation—dictate how it will be addressed and expand the control of this foreign body over 194 nations.

All of the freedom-ending, life-killing mandates that America experienced during the last two years—could get much worse.

No one should wield this much power … especially considering the shocking ties of WHO to communism and terrorism! I’ll explain more below. We must demand members of Congress stop Biden from giving American sovereignty to WHO! —Mat

WHO is still pushing forward to grab unbelievable power for its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to have immense authority over global health, including in the United States.

Tedros has been associated with a violent and powerful African communist party called the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. It is so extreme that it is listed in the Global Terrorism Database and credited with a dozen violent events targeting private citizens, religious people, the media and nongovernmental organizations. This group is responsible for the violent deaths and injuries.

In 2010, Tedros, aka “Tewodros,” was listed as the third most powerful executive board member of a merger between the TPLF and the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Party (EPRDF), which had violently overthrown the Ethiopian government in 1991 and maintained power until 2018.

In 2009, Human Rights Watch stated: “Ethiopia is on a deteriorating human rights trajectory ... [In 2005] post-election protests resulted in the deaths of at least 200 protesters, many of them victims of excessive use of force by the police.” In other words, even as Tedros increased in power, the “police” shot and killed hundreds of people.

Some estimate as many as 70,000 lost their lives. The nation did not have another election for the next five years. Below I share how Tedros and the TPLF got away with this, but first, we need to make sure this man never gets control over America.

It’s time to push back against WHO before it’s too late. Today’s meeting is strategizing how to yank this power from Americans and give it to Tedros through a “Pandemic Treaty.” Send your urgent faxes to members of Congress to oppose giving American sovereignty to WHO.

How did Tedros’ group pull this off? An increasing number of reports reveal that they were withholding foreign aid from starving Ethiopians and even denying emergency medical care for children whose villages (known as the Amhara) were associated with an opposing political party.

This same communist group is also linked to a change of power in Ethiopia that led to a crackdown on the media. The party criminalized criticism through “defamation,” and levied steep fines and up to three years in jail for any media convicted of “instigation of one nationality against another.” This resulted in independent media in the entire nation being reduced to fewer than 20 outlets.

And THIS is the person whose power the Biden administration is trying to expand and grant WHO the control to close down your job or business, shut down your schools, lock you in your home, pick which media you can listen to, choose what packages can be shipped to you, dictate what treatments you can get, limit where you can travel, determine which borders will be closed (state and nationally) and SO MUCH MORE!

There is zero chance it will end up in anything but the destruction and disaster of your freedom!

Make your voice heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill today. STOP THE U.N. TAKEOVER OF THE U.S. by sending your urgent faxes to demand members of Congress do everything in their power to protect American sovereignty.

Radicals and globalists were given too much power during the pandemic. They liked the control. While we decried the lockdowns, people like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates saw the lockdowns as a good thing to reduce carbon emissions. Now they want world domination.

What is dangerous is that this agreement allows WHO to target any pockets of freedom with radical attacks. When Florida, Texas and South Dakota led on freedom, they were allowed to do so with few national or international consequences.

However, this agreement gives WHO the power to shut down travel even between states. WHO can drag resisters into an international court and even pressure other officials to impose travel bans and other restrictions.

Send your faxes now to members of Congress urging them to stop WHO from taking control of America.

Liberty Counsel Action has been on the front lines helping you fight tyranny for YEARS. We are monitoring the U.S. Supreme Court for the abortion ruling at any moment. We are fighting additional restrictions on guns and passionately advocating for medical freedom.

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Let it not be on our watch that freedom is erased.

Mat Staver, Chairman
Liberty Counsel Action

P.S. You can also sign our petition to members of Congress urging them to do everything in their power to stop Biden from giving American sovereignty to WHO!


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