Strategy and Objectives
  • It is the basic strategy of The Oak Initiative to be a grassroots movement to find and help develop principled and effective Christian leaders who can mobilize and organize a cohesive force of activated Christians.
  • These will be called to work on every level where government is found, from the most local to state and national levels.
  • Believing that this strategy will only be effective to the degree that we have leaders and active members who are the most informed and best trained possible, a basic purpose of The Oak Initiative will be the development and dissemination of resources for the purpose of constantly increasing knowledge and upgrading skills so that they can be the most effective servants of their communities possible.
  • Action plans of The Oak Initiative can include everything from community service, promoting commerce, disaster response, as well as the evaluation, proposing, and when necessary, the challenging of government or commercial legislation and/or actions that are deemed immoral or hurtful.
  • Though it will be the ultimate goal of The Oak Initiative to address the crucial issues of our times, through the development stages we will necessarily have to prioritize initiatives based on criteria of importance and impact.
  • When it is deemed more effective, The Oak Initiative will help mobilize for, and work with, other organizations that share our common goals and values.
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