The Awakening 2010 Photos

The Awakening 2010 was an amazing experience for attendees and more than 10,000 who joined in via webcast.  Enjoy the photos.



Awakening Comments
Author: Freedom Federation - April 26, 2010
The Awakening was an amazing, inspirational time for all who attended and viewed via Webcast. What was your experience? Comment below (you must be logged in).
Author: Dan Pennell - April 26, 2010
I really enjoyed Sammy Rodriguez's message at the Convocation: Vertical and Horizontal Justice. Awesome analogy of Justice and Mercy using the Cross.
Author: Donald Cramer - April 26, 2010
The conference was great, all but the last 3 hours. Your article talks about the new future leaders attending the conference to learn about the issues we face. I missed the part where they learned anything. They took over and did their own thing. Many people who were there for the conference walked out of the room because the music was so loud and not very pleasant to listen to.
Author: William Thomas - April 27, 2010
Never since 1776, has it been so necessary for Americans to wake up and take to the streets and protest vigorously against our federal government which is dedicated to taking away our freedom.
Author: Dan Pennell - April 27, 2010
Very true, William! Also, I wanted to say to Donald, thanks for that comment. I can see how this becomes the difficulty of a multi-generational movement at Rally's and gatherings. The things that "wake up" one generation very well might turn off another. You can be sure those who put the event together are very sensitive to all of this and want to make each rally better each time. God Bless!
Author: Kevin Lewis - April 27, 2010
This was an inspiring event...significant of what I believe is happening in many communities across America. I do hope that people will distinguish between preferences, such as music, and principles, which are foundational and eternal. I am one of those boomers who has grown to appreciate differences across generations. I endeavor to stay focused on what the principled message should be for those generations following me. I believe Liberty Federation provides the environment for such a focus.
Author: Roy Jones - April 28, 2010
Ken Blackwell was absolutely amazing. Ken should be teh NEW RNC CHAIRMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!