What is the Freedom Federation?

A federation of multiracial, multiethnic and multigenerational faith-based and policy organizations and leaders committed to plan, strategize, and mobilize to advance shared core values to preserve freedom and promote justice.

What is the Circle for Faith and Freedom?

The Circle for Faith and Freedom consists of the leaders of faith-based and policy organizations who are dedicated to promoting public interest and awareness of issues affecting Judeo-Christian values, the role and purpose of government, and citizen activism.

The Circle for Faith and Freedom invites the public to learn about our shared values and issues affecting all Americans, at an important upcoming gathering, The Awakening. You will learn more about the role of government in our lives and tools for effective citizen action.  Use the hashtag #AwakeningUSA when telling others about this important event. 

What is the Freedom Federation Website?

The Freedom Federation website is a powerful new technology that empowers organizations and individuals to network, organize, and mobilize to advance shared core values. The website uniquely integrates social networking, blogging, and events.

A new movement is forming in America comprised of people of all races, ethnicities and generations. The Freedom Federation website provides the technological platform to advance and expand this new movement. It allows an organization to become a Friend or Member of the Freedom Federation and, thereby, enables the organization to have full access to this technological platform, by placing it directly on the organization’s own website under the full control and branding of that organization. Individuals entering the network directly through the Freedom Federation website or through the portal of a Friend or Member organization have the benefit of networking with other organizations and individuals who share similar values.

The two overarching goals of this new technology are best stated as follows: (1) To bring together organizations and people who share common core values, in order to best utilize the strengths and opportunities of each organization and person and (2) To maintain the autonomy and unique integrity of each organization and individual. The model for the new movement is no longer expressed through one voice or one organization, but rather it is expressed through many. This actually strengthens, not weakens, the new movement, because it broadens and deepens the movement and capitalizes on the unique gifting and mission of each organization.

What Can The Freedom Federation Website Do?

Using this technology, a person can type in a zip code, select a parameter around the zip code, and learn of every meeting occurring in that parameter within a specified date range. The person can narrow the search for the kinds of meetings relevant to the person’s interest, such as Education, Marriage and Family, Pro-Life, Public Policy, Economic Freedom, National Security, Prayer, Religious Liberty and many more. The person can learn about the meeting, register, be reminded of the impending meeting, and then have a GPS map to the meeting. The meeting could be one sponsored by a variety of organizations that have joined as a Friend or a Member of the Freedom Federation, or it could be a meeting sponsored by an individual, like a meet and greet meeting, a discussion, or even a prayer meeting in a private home.

The Freedom Federation website allows organizations and people to organize down to the precinct or the local neighborhood. This is accomplished by the social networking, blogging, and events capability of the website. People may form or join local, state, regional, or national groups and can network with each other and fully participate in the dialogue via a comprehensive and individualized blog. Individuals can invite friends to join the network and attend events. The Freedom Federation website integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and other technologies and email systems. The viral capability of the Freedom Federation website is unlimited.

How Can An Organization Become a Friend or Member of the Freedom Federation?

An organization desiring to have this powerful technology on its own website needs to register as a Friend or Member organization. The cost for an organization to have full use of the Freedom Federation website is minimal. There is a $25 application fee, a $100 to $250 setup fee, depending on the size of the organization, and a minimal sliding scale annual fee based on the size of the organization.

Follow these steps: (1) Go to: http://FreedomFederation.org/content/go

(2) Register a brand new user account.

(3) Log out without doing anything more, and email webmaster@freedomfederation.org with the contact person’s username and the name of the organization.

A service representative from WMtek will then contact you to set up your website.

How Can An Individual Join the Freedom Federation Network?

An individual may join the network directly through the Freedom Federation website or through the portal of a Friend or Member organization. A person who joins the network through the portal of a Friend or Member organization is tagged to that organization, and that data remains under the control of the Friend or Member organization. This person will have full access to the network, and the organization may message and communicate directly with this person without losing the person to another organization. This person belongs to the organization through which it entered the portal.

There is no charge for individuals joining the network, regardless of whether they join directly through the Freedom Federation website or through the portal of a Friend or Member organization.