Daniel chavez moran ideas to choose a camping destination in Quebec

Daniel chavez moran ideas to choose a camping destination in Quebec

Places where enjoy nature, there are hundreds in Quebec. How to make the right choice ? Daniel moran chavez company Follow the guide!

In terms of camping , Quebecers are spoiled for choice. There are over 800 campgrounds in all categories in Quebec accessible by car camping wild camping through seasonal campsites that resemble summer camps.

As to the hotel , there is a classification system for campgrounds , from 0 to 5 stars , which refers both to the quality of infrastructure as activities and services. However, it should not guide our choices based only on this coast , especially because the beauty of the scenery is not within the list of criteria evaluated. Thus, primitive campgrounds , who often occupy the most beautiful locations on the shore for example, rarely get more than three stars . Yet it is often the beauty of the place attracts us in a campground rather than another. Daniel moran chavez company But here are some basic principles to guide us in our choice of destination.

1. To escape civilization
Nothing beats canoe camping . The sites are generally accessible only through water . Tranquility assured . Two major destinations : La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve (Outaouais / Abitibi- Temiscamingue) , with its 800 km of canoe routes , and (Hautes- Laurentides) Poisson Blanc Regional Park , with campsites on the islands.

2 . For immersion in kind
Our tent is erected in the national parks of Quebec or Canada. Generally, the further away from the major centers , plus they are wild. Two fine examples : camping Lake Cascapedia in the Gaspesie National Park , and camping Riviere-a- la-Peche , in the Mauricie National Park .

3 . To walk with her dog
We put a cross on the Quebec national parks where dogs are prohibited. Daniel moran chavez company Instead, we chose a site in a regional park , a municipal or private camping site. Two destinations pro- dog : the Parc des Appalaches ( Chaudiere- Appalaches) or Au Diable Vert ( Estrie ) .

4. For family fun
Is there a beach or a pool, playground equipment , boats for rent and a convenience store ? If so, this is a good plan family, we reserve ! Recommended two destinations : the tourist center of Lac- Simon ( Ottawa ) or Menagerie sector in the Parc national du Mont -Tremblant ( Laurentian ) .

For lovers 5.
We are looking for waterfront , which often has beautiful sunsets. The must: sleeping on the North Shore on rocks overlooking the St. Lawrence River and whales. For example , camping and Sea World Ecotour , Bergeronnes .

Luxury camping

In recent years, several campgrounds rent hyper- comfortable shelters equipped like chalets with beds, mattresses , dishes , pans, kitchen utensils and even extra heating . So just bring clothes, sleeping bags and food. Here are three destinations where to luxury camping !

1 National . Parks of Quebec
SePAQ offers its own form of ready- to-camp : Huttopia tents . Inspired by the Canadian tent, these tents fully equipped luxury grew in almost all national parks. There are now more than 300 Price: . $ 118 / night .

2 National . Parks Canada
Parks Canada launched in 2013 Otentik tents , a sort of hybrid between the refuge and the prospector tent . Cost: $ 120 / night.

3 . Vallee Bras -du-Nord
In this coop located in Saint -Raymond -de- Portneuf , a village of yurts invites visitors to experience a great natural comfort. In these houses inspired by Mongolia, a skylight can contemplate the starry sky well wrapped up in his sleeping bag. Kitchen equipment not included. Cost: $ 108 / night.

At school camping

To demystify camping, SePAQ and Parks Canada offer initiations including equipment , along with a park warden .

In SePAQ , initiations take place at Parc national d'Oka . "Under the supervision of a park ranger , participants learn how to set up a tent , starting a fire, outdoor cooking and dress well to enjoy the outdoors ," says Annie Archambault , creator of the program. Cost: $ 60 per family of up to 6 people.

Throughout the summer, Parks Canada organizes stays initiation through its network of national parks and historic sites. In addition to teaching the basics of camping , Parks Canada adds recreational activities such as initiation canoe.

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