ObamacareAmercia - We Must Defund Obamacare Now!

When March 23rd came and went America noted the 3rd anniversary of one of the greatest threats to her freedom!  Obamacare.  The result?  Higher taxes.  Skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Abortion funding mandates.  A crippling blow to the morality and economy or our great nation!

Stand With the Freedom Federation to Tell Speaker Boehner that WE MUST DEFUND OBAMACARE NOW!

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Perez and Obama

Oppose the confirmation of Barack Obama's radical nominee to become Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez! 

No one the President has advanced to candidacy for Senate confirmation is more of a committed socialist change-agent than Thomas Perez, Obama’s recent nominee for the position of Secretary of Labor.

Help block his appointment now, before it is too late!

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