Ninth Circuit Refusal to Overturn Change Therapy Ban Draws Major Dissent

January 30, 2014

Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected Liberty Counsel’s petition asking the court to rehear en banc Pickup v. Brown. The court let stand (with minor modifications) an earlier panel decision upholding the state’s ban restricting youth from receiving any counsel from a licensed therapist to change unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or identity. The refusal to rehear the case drew a strong dissent from three judges.

United States Ninth Circuit Judge O’Scannlain wrote the dissent. “The panel cites no case holding that speech, uttered by professionals to their clients, does not actually constitute ‘speech’ for purposes of the First Amendment. And that should not surprise us—for the Supreme Court has not recognized such a category,” the dissent said. “The Supreme Court has chastened us lower courts for creating, out of whole cloth, new categories of speech to which the First Amendment does not apply. But, that is exactly what the panel’s opinion accomplishes in this case.”

Liberty Counsel will now ask the Supreme Court to review this case. Liberty Counsel has filed two similar cases on change therapy in New Jersey, King v. Christie and Doe v. Christie. Change therapy bans have also been proposed in Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Washington. Liberty Counsel is communicating with legislators in those states as well. If legislation passes in other states, and minors and counselors ask for our help, we will file similar lawsuits.

Please pray as we continue fighting to protect these young people from homosexual activists and tyrannical politicians.

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