Mat Staver Honored By Peruvian Congress, Bar Association, and Academic Accrediting Body

January 21, 2014

Mat Staver has received a Medal of Honor from the Congress of Peru. He also received honorary medals from the College of Lawyers, Peru’s national bar association for attorneys, and from Peru’s only national academic accrediting body. Staver also met with the Israel Ambassador to Peru.

Mat Staver received a Medal of Honor from the  Congress of Peru and medals from the College of Lawyers

Mat Staver spoke in the Senate room in the Congress of Peru to an overflow crowd. The room was packed with dignitaries, and many more waited in the hallways. Members of Congress, military Generals, Navy Seals, members of the Judiciary, lawyers, high-ranking members of academia, law students, young people, and more filled the room. The message was broadcast nationally on Peruvian TV.

He spoke about two worldviews – one with God and one without God, and he compared the French with the American Revolution. In America we have strayed from God’s higher law. America kills its children, and some are deconstructing marriage. Religious freedom is now under attack, even in the military. By contrast, the Peruvian Constitution affirms the sanctity of human life from conception, marriage as one man and one woman, and is pro-religious freedom. It is clear that the Judeo-Christian values that were present at the founding of America remain in Peru.

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