Obama Administration Defends HHS Mandate, Opposes Little Sisters of the Poor

January 3, 2014


The Little Sisters of the Poor should be spending its time and resources helping the poor, not having to fight the Obama Administration over a clear-cut violation of its right to free exercise of religion.

The Little Sisters of the Poor case “is not about the availability or adequacy of a religious accommodation,” the Obama Justice Department said today.

President Obama has never told the truth about ObamaCare in general or the abortion mandate in particular. Little Sisters of the Poor cannot simply sign a form to alleviate the violation of its religious conviction. Signing a form noting its objection is a shell game. While the Little Sisters of the Poor may not have to directly pay for abortion, the religious group still has to indirectly pay for abortion through its insurance administrator.

Religious freedom is not confined to church walls. The convictions of religious people do not change with the day of the week. Those deeply held religious beliefs are the same in the workplace as they are in the sanctuary.

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