Liberty Counsel Challenges Law That Restricts Pro-Life Speech Near Abortion Clinic

December 26, 2013

Today, Liberty Counsel filed its opening brief at the federal court of appeals in Atlanta seeking to block enforcement of a law aimed at silencing pro-life, sidewalk counselors.

West Palm Beach has enacted an ordinance that bans all “shouting” and amplified sound within 100 feet of the PWC property line, regardless of the volume or whether the sound causes any disturbance. The City and its Police Department, however, are only enforcing this draconian ordinance against the pro-life counselors. PWC is free to use its own loudspeakers, passers-by are free to use their radios and iPods, and the nearby Wendy’s and Pollo Tropical restaurants are free to use their drive-thru speaker systems, even though all of them violate this ordinance.

The Constitution applies throughout the entire City of West Palm Beach, and the city may not create ‘Constitution-free zones’ outside abortion clinics. It is therefore unconstitutional for the city to impose a communicative straitjacket on only those speakers with whom the City disagrees.

Liberty Counsel will not stand idly by while government officials—whether they be the Attorney General or leaders in the City of West Palm Beach—harass these law-abiding Americans for their pro-life beliefs.

Read our news release for more details, listen to our audio clip, and then head over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think. Also, check out this month’s Liberator.

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