Boldly Stand for Truth

December 20, 2013

Through intimidation and misinformation, many pastors and church leaders have been muzzled concerning moral and political issues. Liberty Counsel is empowering them to exchange their muzzles for megaphones. In 2014, we plan to distribute our “Silence is Not an Option” DVD and book to more than 150,000 churches before November. This year, we have already distributed nearly 100,000 copies of the DVD to educate pastors and church leaders on their right and duty to speak biblical truth.

Liberty Counsel is involved in litigation on behalf of other significant initiatives that empower pastors and other faith leaders. Various anti-God forces (organizations and even government officials) are targeting them more than ever before. Perhaps your pastor or congregation will be the next target. We stand ready to help, as we have many times for others this year.

Liberty Counsel successfully aided a Florida pastor when a Miami-Dade school district superintendent threatened to cancel a church lease because the pastor preached biblical truth on cultural issues.

We are also defending a Massachusetts pastor sued for international crimes against humanity solely because he shared his Christian viewpoint in Uganda.

In 2014 we will continue to advance the rights of equal access for after-school Bible clubs in public schools. We often receive reports about the expansion of these clubs and of children growing in their faith as a result.

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