Give the Gift of Freedom

December 12, 2013

Freedom is a gift cherished by all patriots. Throughout this year, Liberty Counsel has scored victories to preserve religious freedom for many. You can read about our cases and other significant events in our special Year-End Report, but below are a few highlights and information about how you can help preserve freedom in America.

A Romanian evangelist in Arizona received the gift of freedom in January, when charges against him were dropped after Liberty Counsel came to his aid. The pastor had been arrested for sharing about Jesus with passersby on a public sidewalk.

In February the ACLU was forced to dismiss its lawsuit against a Ten Commandments monument in Florida, after Liberty Counsel was successful in a federal appeal. Freedom prevailed, and the ACLU paid court costs to Liberty Counsel.

In April we intervened to preserve the freedom to observe the National Day of Prayer in Florida, by countering a threatening and inaccurate mailing from the radical “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

In October, Plainfield, Illinois, rewrote its rental policy and paid attorney’s fees to Liberty Counsel after denying the freedom of equal access to a meeting room because it would include prayer and religious viewpoints.

We also  won an important federal court appeal in a case against a school district that had denied the freedom of equal access to a Christian club.

As you can see, Liberty Counsel is highly effective in preserving the gift of freedom. It is also a very frugal ministry. For the past two years, our nondonor funding (which includes court-awarded attorney’s fees received from our opposition) has covered 100% of our fundraising and administrative costs, leaving every penny we receive from generous donors like you to fund our vital litigation and education projects!

To learn more about Liberty Counsel, read this special Year-End Report.

Of course, freedom is never free . . . so will you prayerfully consider giving your best possible year-end gift?

There is never a better time, because a generous donor has given $500,000 of “matching money” that will double your gift! Turn $10,000 into $20,000; $5,000 into $10,000; $250 into $500; or $5 into $10 – any amount will help.

Give while there is still time, so that others will enjoy a New Year of freedom!