Concert with Christmas Songs Returns to Wisconsin School

November 4, 2013

The Wausau West High School’s Master Singers Christmas Concert will go on as originally planned. Liberty Counsel provided a legal opinion and counsel to the school officials about a concert that contains both religious and secular holiday songs.

Earlier this year the choir director, Phil Buch, was directed to suspend choir practice or “balance” every religious Christmas carol with four secular songs. When Liberty Counsel stepped in on behalf of the students and teacher, the school board reversed the directive and will allow the concert to go on as originally planned.

Christian and religious viewpoints should not be excluded from holiday songs, and the religious aspects of Christmas should not be censored from public schools or the public square.

Today, Liberty Counsel launched its Eleventh Annual “Friend or Foe Christmas Campaign,” which will educate and, if necessary, litigate to make sure that religious viewpoints of Christmas are not censored. In addition to providing educational materials, Liberty Counsel publishes a “Naughty and Nice” list, which catalogs retailers who either censor (“naughty”) or recognize (“nice”) Christmas.

Read our news release for more details and then head over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think. Also, check out this month’s Liberator.

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