The Red Line of Liberty

October 14, 2013

“We live at a time in which the future of America will be decided by our actions or inaction,” Mat Staver told those attending the Values Voter Summit. “The Red Line of Liberty has been crossed many times through history, and, my friends, we see the same Red Line of Liberty. It is a tug of war. Our government is trying to force us to cross that line.”

Staver listed other Red Line moments:

    • It was crossed in Egypt under Pharaoh. Moses stood up to the oppressive government and boldly proclaimed: “Let my people go!” Today we celebrate Passover.

    • It was crossed at the time of Esther. The Jews faced annihilation. Today we celebrate the Feast of Purim.

    • When Antiochus stopped the Jewish sacrifices and defiled the temple, the Maccabees refused to worship the Greek gods. Today we celebrate Hanukkah.

    • The Red Line was crossed at the birth of Jesus when Herod slaughtered the young boys. Today we celebrate Christmas.

    • It was again crossed when the Roman government crucified Jesus. Today we celebrate Easter.

  • The Red Line was crossed in the American Revolution. Today we celebrate Independence Day.

“What will future generations remember of our times?” Staver asked the crowd. Will it be the death of liberty or will it be the rebirth?

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