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Broad Federation of Faith-Based Organizations Gathers to Mobilize Grassroots Movement

Washington, DC - Today a federation of some of the largest faith-based organizations in the country gathered in the Nation's capital to plan, strategize, and work together on common interests within the Judeo-Christian tradition to mobilize their grassroots constituencies and to communicate faith and values to the religious, social, cultural, and policymaking institutions. The constituents of these organizations are concerned about the spiritual, moral, cultural, and economic condition of the Nation.

The Freedom Federation is a federation of individual, national, multi-ethnic and transgenerational organizations and leaders. The Freedom Federation is not a separate organization. It is a federation of organizations with large and unique constituencies that share common core values.

A partial listing of some of the organizations includes, but is not limited to, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, America's largest Hispanic Christian organization; Teen Mania, reaching several hundred thousand youth each year; American Association of Christian Counselors, the largest Christian counseling organization with over 50,000 professional members; Liberty University, the largest evangelical university in the world with 50,000 students; Catholic Online; American Family Association; Family Research Council; Liberty Counsel; Liberty Alliance Action; Vision America; Morning Star Ministries; The Call to Action; Concerned Women for America; High Impact Leadership Coalition; Campaign for Working Families; Conservative Action Project; Traditional Values Coalition, a coalition of 45,000 evangelical churches; Faith and Action; Renewing American Leadership; National Clergy Council; Eagle Forum; Americans for Prosperity; Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND); Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN); and Strang Communications.

These organizations represent some of the Nation's largest constituents of youth, Hispanics, African-Americans, women, clergy, and churches. The common shared interests include faith, moral values, and freedom. The Freedom Federation is committed to core values expressed in the Declaration of American Values, a document which sets forth foundational values. Based on these shared core values, the leaders of these national organizations will work together on common interests to plan, strategize, coordinate, message and mobilize their various constituents to mobilize a movement to advance these shared core values.

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